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Welcome to Cacao Art Chocolates in Miami

We invite you to experience Cacao Art Chocolates: artisan, hand-made dark chocolate confections and chocolate truffles crafted with luxury chocolate from Venezuela and high-quality local ingredients right here in Miami, Florida. Sisters and professional chocolatiers Susana and Isabel make each chocolate with love and attention.
For your own enjoyment or to stand out with your gifts (both personal and corporate), Cacao Art has a whole host of options.

Browse our webpage to learn more about Cacao Art and our award-winning confections.

"The craftswomanship was excellent - smooth bottom on the dome and no feet on the enrobed bonbons. Good balance of filling to shell on both types.
We tried two: the passionfruit and the espresso - fabulous flavors and textures!!"
Pam Williams, founder Ecole Chocolat
"Amazonas was like tasting a bean-to-bar chocolate bar in bonbon form ... The passion fruit was probably one of the best I haver ever tried ... Of the champagne, I love that the champagne was not too subtle, you weren't cheap with it ... the Cafe de Hacienda was really well balanced.
"All in all, I think your chocolates are really amazing, girls! They also all leave the palate very clean, which I didn't expect after 4 of those. "


   International Chocolate Award International Chocolate Award   

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