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About us


Growing up in Venezuela, a country famous for its cacao, sisters Susana and Isabel learned to love chocolate from an early age. After training in Paris and under master chocolatiers, they brought their ideas and enthusiasm to Miami and founded Cacao Art Chocolates. Susana and Isabel now create award-winning chocolates and confections that will change the way you enjoy chocolate.

Susana and Isabel make all their chocolates by hand using 100% superior Venezuelan chocolate, with original recipes inspired both by their childhoods and local Florida ingredients. Their chocolates have been awarded prizes by Good Food Awards  Academy of Chocolate and International Chocolate Awards, as well as a Snail of Approval from Slow Food Miami. Cacao Art was named one of South Florida's Food 50 by The Miami Herald.

At Cacao Art the emphasis is on treating the chocolate as the central ingredient, combining it with interesting and delicious flavors. For true chocolate appreciation.




The team

Susana (Caracas, Venezuela)

Architect and maitre chocolatier at Cacao Art. Interested in cooking from an early age, she studied at Le Cordon Bleu culinary academy in Paris, France, before returning home to Venezuela to pursue a career in architecture. Her wish to recreate the sweet flavors of her childhood, led back to the kitchen and the creation of her own recipe for crunchy honeycomb caramel, which she then dipped in her favorite dark chocolate. This became her very first bonbon. Aware of the importance of good technique when working with chocolate, she returned to Paris to study at the renowned L´Ecole Professionnelle Lenôtre under Chef Thierry Atlan, MOF.

Her background in architecture, plus a keen eye for detail, has helped her in creating modern and original concepts to sell her chocolates. In 2009, along with sister Isabel, she created Latitud 10 Chocolateria Artesanal. The name and concept made references both to the tropical nature of cacao beans and their location in Caracas, Venezuela. An unexpected move to Miami, Florida, with her family one year later led her to create a new concept, Cacao Art.

Cacao Art seeks to emphasize the artistry of artisan, hand-made chocolates, while also referencing Miami’s growing art scene.


Isabel (Caracas, Venezuela)

Journalist and sous-chocolatier at Cacao Art. After graduating from school, Isabel left Venezuela for England, where she spent the next five years studying Political Science at the University of Kent and the London School of Economics. Living on her own encouraged her love of cooking and the culinary scene in London opened her palate to many different types of cuisine. Upon her return to Caracas, Isabel worked as a journalist for El Universal, a national newspaper. She returned to England for further studies, but back in Venezuela decided to join Susana in her chocolate endeavours. Together, they created Latitud 10 Chocolateria Artesanal. After Susana left for Miami, she kept the company going on her own while also writing a food column for El Nacional newspaper and working as editor for an online restaurant guide in Caracas, Mesa She also participated in a Chocolate Fomation course with Chef Andre Rosset, MOF. Arriving in Miami herself in April 2012, she joined Susana at Cacao Art.

Isabel uses her skills as journalist and food writer to create the stories and concepts for Cacao Art, including the blog and social network management.