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The Chocolates

The awards

The Miami Herald’s South Florida Food 50
A list of 50 chefs, artisans and food entrepreneurs selected by The Miami Herald’s Food Editor for their contributions to the area’s food scene. On why Cacao Art was honored: “These sisters transform chocolate into edible art that is getting deserved international recognition.”

Snail of Approval
Slow Food Miami awards the Snail of Approval to producers, co-producers and artisans, in recognition of their contribution to the Quality, Authenticity and Sustainability of the food we eat and the beverages we drink in Miami. Cacao Art was selected thanks to our commitment to working with responsibly-made Venezuelan chocolate and local Florida ingredients.

International Chocolate Awards
An independent body of chocolate and cacao experts from around the world created the International Chocolate Awards to recognise excellence in fine chocolate making and products made with fine chocolate.

Good Food Awards
The Good Food Awards celebrate the kind of food we all want to eat: tasty, authentic and responsibly produced.

Anis y Papelon

Anís y Papelón - earthy raw cane sugar and ground fennel infused dark chocolate ganache.

International Chocolate AwardInternational chocolate awardsInternational chocolate awards

Tulasi - tulasi infused dark chocolate ganache

Tupelo Honey & Cardamom

Honey Cardamom - a chocolate ganache infused with honey and cardamom.

Kochere Coffee

Kochere Coffee - Ethiopian coffee infused milk chocolate ganache

Signature - a satisfyingly dense dark chocolate ganache 


Venezuela 73.5%

73.5% - dense dark chocolate ganache.

Passion Fruit Passion Fruit - a delicate passion fruit coulis with dark chocolate.
Fleur de Sel Fleur de Sel - a rich dark chocolate ganache with an unexpected bite of sea salt.
Caramel Sprinkles Caramel Sprinkles - small pieces of hard caramel in a semi-sweet chocolate ganache.
Limon Limon - a square of dark chocolate infused with refreshing lime.
Gingerbread Gingerbread - aromatic spices in a dark chocolate ganache. SEASONAL FALL/WINTER
Mendiat Mendiant - a French classic with raisin, dried apricot, pistachio and almond on a thin chocolate disc.
Apple Bourbon Caramel Apple Bourbon Caramel - silky freshly pressed apple and Smooth Ambler Bourbon caramel. SEASONAL FALL/WINTER
Honeycomb Crunchie - golden honeycomb covered in dark chocolate.
Nougat Nougat - fine almond nougat in creamy milk chocolate.
Dulce de Leche Dulce de leche - rich and creamy toffee with toasted pecans.
Clusters Clusters - small pieces of crunchie honeycomb in lots of dark chocolate.
Coconut Fudge Coconut Fudge - a sweet coconut fudge in a dark chocolate cup. SEASONAL SUMMER
Caramel Fondue Caramel Fondue - soft caramel with sea salt.
Peanut Peanut - crunchy peanut and chocolate ganache.